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To Be a Leaf in October   8 comments

October Leaf

Lattice of life lines
Golden parchment edged with age
Ready for free fall

Things of the World   5 comments

sting of the black flies
rise of an old volcano
achingly blue

Harvesting Memories   5 comments


swallows circling
overhead, while sunflowers
watch over the farm

Dragonfly / At Home in the Garden   1 comment

hard, hot sun
landing in the garden, an
airy dragonfly

above the old rock quarry   2 comments


Mist and Trees

knee-deep in mist
the hard downpour

In the Pocket Garden   6 comments

Azalea in May.jpg

Never still
Young wind leafing through
Purple petals

A Robin, Watching   6 comments

on a thin green limb
perched between songs
and silence

first snow queens / february forest   8 comments

winter blossoms
in the seven directions
showing us the way


raindrops on bare twigs   11 comments


stars in the forest
explosions of winter light
raindrop by raindrop


Gratitudes   6 comments



Gratitude for the silver-rust of rise and fall
Gratitude for the grace of time as space unfolds
Gratitude for holding on and letting go