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River-time   6 comments

Time itself, taking
a cool time-out, bending
to the river


Scene of suns / the New Year   2 comments

Hearing the heartbeats

of unwritten stories

Sun-filled sand and sky

Scratching the Surface   2 comments

There is a miracle here: that human minds and hearts continue to meet in remote rocky ravines, reaching one another across the grand span of thousands of years. Solid legacy.

Death Valley petroglyphs.jpg

Prayer corridor
Rivers of rock stitch the land
Ancient outpourings

I Look Up to See   2 comments


Bare old limbs
Clearing a path for
The growing moon

Proverbs on their skin   2 comments

Aspen in sky

Long reach of aspen
Still bearing shepherd’s voices
Silence, scars, and sage

solemn words

Spider Wisdom   6 comments

Spider web on roadside

At the center
of all paths,