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Winter Creeps Away   5 comments

First forest trillium.jpg

Forest of sorrows
Old songs leak from toppled trees
Soft trill of blossoms

last wink of summer   6 comments


where the creek shatters
into a million drops, a
shining crescendo

Upward   4 comments

wild blooms 2.jpg

they climb the sky
eager wild blooms drinking
endless blue

Dewdrops and Lilies   Leave a comment

mariposa lily

Mountain valleys filled
 With ghosts of burning trees, young
Lilies holding hope

Alpine Artist   4 comments


Quickly, red brushstrokes
Hummingbirds and sun rising
Grateful, gray-boned trees


Paintbrush, Hellroaring trail

Scarlet Paintbrush on the Hell Roaring Lake trail, Idaho

prairie smoke/sandhill cranes   Leave a comment

She listens, spinning
seeds, spinning Earth, eerie cry
ripples the sky

Prairie Smoke

Prairie Smoke (Geum triflorum)

Rays of Gold   4 comments

Mules ears, Fisher Creek, ID

Evening songs while
Sun and flowers exchange gold