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The art of light-giving   Leave a comment

South Falls in February
Winter’s silver
Wren songs and

Breathing Like a Forest   3 comments


Warbler’s seesaw song
In tune with water falling,
Forest rising

Gratitudes   1 comment


Gratitude for the silver-rust of rise and fall
Gratitude for the trials of time when space unfolds
Gratitude for holding on and letting go

Water falling   6 comments

South Falls.jpg

Down becomes sound
Becomes mist turned to shadow
Light-fall on water

First Day of Winter   5 comments

DSCN8523 (1)

River of light

free-falling to meet

the longest night

stream of Consciousness   2 comments

Lower South Falls

Lower South Falls, Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

Even when it falls,

Sparkling sheets of rippled white,

The same new river

Lower South Falls, closer

. . . falling is not failing . . .

Exuberance!   2 comments

We checked out Silver Falls State Park over the weekend:


Silver ribbon rips

and spills, a thunderous drop

sculpting bowl of rock