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Boundless / Campbell Falls   2 comments

river’s silence
 forgotten as it
comes unbound


Gratitudes   6 comments



Gratitude for the silver-rust of rise and fall
Gratitude for the grace of time as space unfolds
Gratitude for holding on and letting go


Light from the Depths   2 comments

Cracks in the earth
Water spilling, ancient tilt
Of rock and timber


Columnar Falls, Oregon



Sunbreak   4 comments

The glow of green
When it frames the sound
of bounding water


North Falls on a March morning, Silver Falls State Park, Oregon


Winter Light/Silver Falls   7 comments

Lighting up
Winter’s canyon, a stream of
Falling silver


Silver Falls & Golden Leaves   9 comments

Middle Falls in October.jpg

still falling
like feathers


First Day of Winter   9 comments

DSCN8523 (1)

River of light

free-falling to meet

the longest night

Sword Ferns at Silver Falls   4 comments




Slowly in green arcs
they taste the racing waterdrops
Watching the river

Leaving November   4 comments



Bare twigs
A moment of release
in hand


Living like a waterfall   4 comments

Silver Creek

A river flying
and spilling her light, this
Mid-winter morning


South Falls

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