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Sunbreak   2 comments

The glow of green
When it frames the sound
of bounding water


North Falls on a March morning, Silver Falls State Park, Oregon


Winter Light/Silver Falls   7 comments

Lighting up
Winter’s canyon, a stream of
Falling silver


Winter Welcome   2 comments

Syllables of light
lining bare limbs, floating
on winter’s surface

Shore Acres State Park, Oregon



In the gold of evening   8 comments


guiding the night across
droplets of gold


In the Oregon Blues   3 comments

A lake awakens
Minnows and mountains and clouds
Stillness in motion


Anthony Lake in early morning

Anthony Lake in the Blue Mountains of Oregon


Shaking the Heat   6 comments

Like upside-down
Light flowing cool


Floating in Treetops   6 comments

From the shallows of
golden sky, water lilies
re-thinking the world