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Along the Alsea River   2 comments

in the shallow pool
wistful leaves drifting past
rain-dark alder boughs


I Look Up to See   4 comments


Bare old limbs
Clearing a path for
The growing moon

Brushstroke / Sunset in the Forest   9 comments

A solo tree
struck by the brush of
a single sunbeam


Meet Me on the Green   Leave a comment

Fitton Green


Generous drape of

clouds, ample reach of a tree

where the iris blooms


Wild iris

Sunday Morning   2 comments


cherry blossoms


Soccer practice, no
one watching but cherry trees,
their arms filled with stars



Oregon Dusk   4 comments


old neighborhood oak
purple winter sky dreaming
of a new day

Forest Dell / First Snowfall   6 comments


Leaning in,
listening to the snow

Enchantment   2 comments

Under heavy clouds
Snowfall spins its magic
In the melting night

Winter Solace   4 comments


 Rooted strong and deep
Leaning into boundless sky
Glad for winter light

Light in the Night   4 comments

two nights after solstice

trees of light reach
lining the night