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Atop Marys Peak   6 comments

tapping into the
distant past, eruptions
of glowing lilies


10,000 Tadpoles   2 comments

Dragonfly and tadpoles

On the lakeshore, we watch:
 the future flowing 
like a river

Spring in the Willamette Valley   6 comments


Around the mountain
Spring light pours down
White, green, and blue


Trillium / Rising from Winter   6 comments

After the ice storm
Broken branches, memories
of snow at my feet

Stems and Sky   6 comments

Unburdened now
Bare bones of

Emerald & Jade   5 comments


clouds break, the solemn
pool a sudden triumph of
glowing green

Light from the Depths   2 comments

Cracks in the earth
Water spilling, ancient tilt
Of rock and timber


Columnar Falls, Oregon



Songs of Change   Leave a comment


Daisy 2


Rays upon rays

Cricket songs and footpaths

changing the meadow


Everyday Magic   5 comments



Petals and leaves
Repainting the sun
A scent of green


Dogwood Days   Leave a comment


DSCN6159 - Version 2

Flowering now like
pink butterflies, bent branches
cracking the sky