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Beyond the Thicket   1 comment


Dream House

In blue-cold current
Downside-up, yellow-bright warm
This river-dream home

Wall and Pillow   2 comments




pulse of ringing bells
new moment, bone-hard burdens
cushioned by feathers

Anticipating Spring   4 comments


Old bridge green with moss
Leafless limbs tangled in sky
Meet in reflection

Patiently   2 comments


Stretching the moment
Little raindrop before it
drops; Low clouds, no breeze

Open House   8 comments



Guests of all magnitudes know they’re welcome in this unshuttered home–

dust motes and moon-rays, snakes, bats, and midnight moths.

Seasoned scents of river grass and smoke never need knock on the unhinged door

before drifting among dry summer nests hidden in walls, crumpled on floors.

Crackling sun, ponderous snow and wild torrents of wind bring this old place,

year after year, closer to original grace, to center of our rocky jewel,

merged and at one with this lovely World.

The Journey In Between   9 comments

Wooden Bridge 2

Earthly wings

Between unknown shores

This wooden bridge

Memo to your soul:   Leave a comment

Version 3

Always be mindful

of the lasting impression

you leave behind


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