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Gold Horizon   2 comments

wild grass at sunset

Wild shadows racing
to meet the night


Forest Spirit   2 comments

Cabin Lake at sundown

Locusts and pine jays
Their wings scrape the smoky air
Slowly, the red sun

Oregon Alchemy   4 comments

Cutting wind, leaden
sky; then a flash of

Golden Glance   12 comments

Where the river bends
The sun breaking like
A shower of coins

Salmon River at sunset.jpg

Salmon River at sundown

When Day Becomes Night   4 comments

Version 2

Winter branches

and rooftops trying to

halt the heavens

Moonrise in Corvallis

(10 minutes between photos: westward/eastward)

Moment by Moment   13 comments

Mary's Peak at dusk

Blue and buoyant

Mountains, clouds and mist dousing

Everything gold

Chance Glance   6 comments


Nestled in the trees,

This pile of clouds promises

To soften my night

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