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Moments Before Sunset   6 comments



A trail bends
in the evening breeze and
autumn shrubs go bright


Where Mystery Lives   Leave a comment

Dark in the light
of a lake
Shadow mountains



Mountain of Evening Clouds   Leave a comment



Sun slipping
silver glaze on purple hills
Young clouds rising


Wearing Cool Sunlight   13 comments



Lavender surf
holding council
with long waves of sky

early autumn evening   4 comments

sunset at JacksonFrasier wetlands


quiet cricket songs
slowly sink with
the setting sun

Day’s End   4 comments

golden grass at sunset.jpg


Hilltop picnic
We watch the sun ride
Oceans of gold

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September Window   8 comments

sunset refelection in windows
Sunset gleams, a flare
of swifts overhead spinning
like a galaxy

Gold Horizon   4 comments

wild grass at sunset

Wild shadows racing
to meet the night

Forest Spirit   2 comments

Cabin Lake at sundown

Locusts and pine jays
Their wings scrape the smoky air
Slowly, the red sun

Oregon Alchemy   4 comments

Cutting wind, leaden
sky; then a flash of