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January Storm   2 comments



Clash of wind and waves
Only their echoes
On the morning shore


Wearing Cool Sunlight   13 comments



Lavender surf
holding council
with long waves of sky

Scene of suns / the New Year   2 comments


Hearing the heartbeats
of unwritten stories
Sun-filled sand and sky



Continuum   4 comments

Headlands, gulls and fog.jpg

Gulls, sea swells, and stars
Legacy of storylines

Renewal   5 comments


Here, the earth’s heart beats
Where mountains, ice, and bones end
And begin again

spring break   4 comments

gull, sky, and bluff
Sea-bluff and seagull
Between uplift and down-flow
Slicing the moment

High-tide Heartbeat   4 comments

Pacific Ocean in March

Silver-rimmed thunder
Ocean’s heartbeats touch the clouds
Aching for the moon

Low-tide Rhythm   2 comments

Nye Beach, afternoon low tide

Grand wings: sea and sky

Horizon’s straight, bone-white spine

Slow beat, low tide