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Zen Garden   2 comments

While sun is still low
Stately stones become pupils
Eclipsing the sage



Sept/ember Mind   5 comments

Colors of September.jpg

Season shifting
shapes, pane-patched and peaceful
This late embered lake

Peace Journey   8 comments

Feather in blue sky

Bridging our worlds
Snagging heaven between stops
A drifting feather

Peace of Mind in SE Oregon   4 comments

Fence, Burns OR

Road weary, I rest
my eyes 
on unfenced sky

Transcendence   5 comments

February Skyscape

Their crowns converging

Forest of differences

Finding common ground

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Toward Another Shore   4 comments

Heron in late autumn

Wingbeats slow and deep

beyond the crush of voices

repeating themselves

Goose Music   7 comments

Filling the corners

Of untouched blue, surges of

Song and wingbeats

Canada Geese, Finley Refuge

Finley National Wildlife Refuge, Oregon


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