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Peace Journey   12 comments

Feather in blue sky

Bridging our worlds
Snagging heaven between stops
A drifting feather

Forest Dawn   2 comments

Forest dawn


The color of clouds
is changing . . . the forest
fills with morning

All these solitary moments   6 comments


early March rainbow


Just so,
single notes
bending to one



Why I love weekends   3 comments

Bare blue purity

Despite the unruly week

All the world, centered

Bare Blue

Playing with the Elements   2 comments


Version 2


Someone’s busy hands

Stone on stone in still water

Stacks and pools of light


Still / At Peace   8 comments



Near the fork
of two rambunctious rivers,
this piece of quiet


Lucky Peace   Leave a comment


On the shoulder of

a gravel-hot road, glad glade

of nodding blooms





To Pause   Leave a comment

Fence, Burns OR

Road weary, I rest
my eyes 
on unfenced sky

Transcendence   4 comments

February Skyscape

Their crowns converging

Forest of differences

Finding common ground

January Storm   2 comments



Clash of wind and waves
Only their echoes
On the morning shore