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Oregon Alchemy   4 comments

Cutting wind, leaden
sky; then a flash of

Spirit Journey   8 comments


Edge of two worlds
Feather-light glances before
Winging away

Renewal   5 comments


Here, the earth’s heart beats
Where mountains, ice, and bones end
And begin again

Sphere of Influence   3 comments


Mounds of jade ribbon
beached on wet sand . . . tidings from
unlit phantom moon

High Adventure   Leave a comment

Kite at Nye, 2

She plays the line—this

one won’t get away, riding

the wild cold currents

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Indigo Blues   6 comments

Nye Beach in the afternoon

About a jelly being . . .

Velella velella

By-the-wind-sailor, it tacks, floats, sails, skims, then pushed too hard by westerly winds

A random tumble, watery spin, it settles on sand; indigo dims.