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In the Heart of November   3 comments

Golden Ginkgo

ablaze in the blue
fanned by winds from distant home
golden Ginkgo

When I looked up   6 comments

Dogwood blooms, like stained glass.jpg
The day began, and
it began again. Petals
spilled from the boughs

Beautiful Moment   4 comments


Rainbow at sunset
Muddy path pink with petals
Cloudburst afterglow

Visionary   7 comments


Ink swirls and ovals
Slow-flowing river painting
Portraits of old trees



Winter Mind   3 comments


The present
Tense, our future 

Breaking the Heat   2 comments

Fluttering shower

of five-fingered leaves, handing

out breaths of cool green

A Close Look at Spring   3 comments

Yearning for banquet

of sunshine and raindrops, here

in the bonsai pot

Moss 2

Moss Spore Caps

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