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Enchantment   2 comments

Under heavy clouds
Snowfall spins its magic
In the melting night

Light in the Night   4 comments

two nights after solstice

trees of light reach
lining the night


Contemplating the Comet   4 comments


Version 2


From rising darkness
faintly earthward
a feather of light


Winter Welcome   2 comments

Syllables of light
lining bare limbs, floating
on winter’s surface

Shore Acres State Park, Oregon



Night Light   Leave a comment

Full Moon in Fall


With silence as
its magic, an unfelt
breeze unwraps the moon


In the gold of evening   8 comments


guiding the night across
droplets of gold


Wild Solace   7 comments


To soothe our sorrows
Patience of twilight and
Kindness of trees


Dark-bright Night   2 comments


Snow and light spinning
their patient magic, filling
the curve of night



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Charmed Harmony   7 comments

Lunar dawn —
Shallow bright crescent
Filled deep with night


Time-melt   6 comments

December candle 2


Time bending like a
beeswax flame; cold night warmed by
summer-clover breezeĀ 


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