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What do the waving ferns say?   1 comment

Fern edges

                                                                     They whisper, they coax.

                                                                     A cloud moves, and the shadow goes deep

                                                                     When you bend on knee at their appeal,

                                                                     They pull

                                                                     you under dizzying spell

                                                                     Pulse of in-and-out edges

                                                                     Reminds you to breathe.


flowing/spring sky   5 comments

A river
of blooms, a lake
of sky


Among the Oregon Brambles   6 comments

blossoms and birdsongs
hanging in the air
chandeliers and chimes


and I sit with them   6 comments


In their one whole voice
The flowers are speaking,
Learning the land


Blue and Silver   4 comments

A flowering
of clouds from sky to sand
and back again


Where Sky Meets Marsh   9 comments

Evening reverie

From unseen frogs, a thousand




rock cairn/memories   2 comments


break open among
the tended rocks