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Sleepy Cloud   2 comments

Coast Range, winter morning

Not ready to rise
From mountain’s layered embrace
This still-dreaming cloud

Afterlife   1 comment

Blown and swept away
Mountain’s old bones a refuge
for swimming rainbows


Mountain Lake   12 comments

cool, rocky shallows

minnows flash like shooting stars

slipping between stones


           Pettit Lake, Sawtooth National Recreation Area

Gathering of the Elders   3 comments

IMG_5025 copy


Flinty old-timers arrange themselves into
Fringed frame of pungent needles, then
Swapping their usual rock-strewn stories
Their old sloped shoulders and crooked peaks slide
Haltingly from view


Deep Heights (Let Go the Mountain)   7 comments

Fishhook Meadow.jpg

Fill and deepen,
deepen and reflect; reflect,
transcend . . . set free

Upward   4 comments

wild blooms 2.jpg

they climb the sky
eager wild blooms drinking
endless blue

to lean into each moment   8 comments

July's Smoke-filled valley

Hot sepia wind
Peaks vanish, phantom birds cry
Raw-throated prayers

June view of the Sawtooths

Two photos of Stanley, Idaho–same vantage point, 7 weeks apart