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I Look Up to See   4 comments


Bare old limbs
Clearing a path for
The growing moon

Holding the Moon   2 comments

In falling darkness,
the rising



Morning Moon   Leave a comment



Restless and ready
For their first spring blossom, but
The moon slips away


Night Light   Leave a comment

Full Moon in Fall


With silence as
its magic, an unfelt
breeze unwraps the moon


Rain Palette   4 comments

Rain drops on Cronemller Lake

Dusk drops into

night-dark lake, liquid bloom of

new moons

Charmed Harmony   7 comments

Lunar dawn —
Shallow bright crescent
Filled deep with night


Full Moment   2 comments

Moon reflection 2

Water bugs skating

on steady face of the moon

floating and rising

Night   2 comments


Edge of the Unknown
Deep silent lake
Dawn and dusk its shores


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Morning Moon   10 comments

Crescent of silence
Like the wing of an owl
Another world

Full Circle   4 comments

Single silver bloom
Dark sky plowed deep and wide
Soon the longest night

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