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Gold   4 comments

evening, Finley Wildlife Refuge

lighting up
fields at my feet


Passers-by   4 comments




Two paths ascending
Leaving wakes in sea of sand
A chance resonance


When I looked up   6 comments

Dogwood blooms, like stained glass.jpg
The day began, and
it began again. Petals
spilled from the boughs

Winter Creeps Away   5 comments

First forest trillium.jpg

Forest of sorrows
Old songs leak from toppled trees
Soft trill of blossoms

Visionary   7 comments


Ink swirls and ovals
Slow-flowing river painting
Portraits of old trees



Their Eyes   2 comments



They hold the world, the
World holds them. Reflect~ behold
Reflect~ be held

Slow Motion   4 comments



like curls of black smoke
branches twisting, reaching for
handfuls of white sky