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Peace Journey   12 comments

Feather in blue sky

Bridging our worlds
Snagging heaven between stops
A drifting feather

and I sit with them   4 comments


April fawn lilies

in their one whole voice
the flowers are speaking,
learning the land

Like a Candle   5 comments

Long dark night
Rising from the rain
Unbreakable light

Fierce Solitude   3 comments

A yellow flower
The wind, the waiting


Solitary flower on the Clearwater River, OR




silent message/ little snake   6 comments

finding warmth
in this paradise of leaves
a mystic knot


Everyday Magic   5 comments



Petals and leaves
Repainting the sun
A scent of green


flickers and flowers   Leave a comment

Flickers in the treetop,
and the forest floor
begins to bloom


February Forest   4 comments


Spider Web and Mist

Birdsongs and mist, like
rumors of spring in the
shadowless trees



Silver Falls & Golden Leaves   9 comments

Middle Falls in October.jpg

still falling
like feathers


In the gold of evening   8 comments


guiding the night across
droplets of gold