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River, Rain, and Leaves   6 comments

Vine Maple, Silver Creek


Under heavy skies
A drizzle of galaxies
and radiant red


Slow Motion   4 comments



like curls of black smoke
branches twisting, reaching for
handfuls of white sky 

Spirit Journey   8 comments


Edge of two worlds
Feather-light glances before
Winging away

Greathearted   4 comments


With and for us
Our steady elders

Longer Nights   4 comments


Tiers of maple leaves
Their whispered endings
Breakable, golden

Water falling   6 comments

South Falls.jpg

Down becomes sound
Becomes mist turned to shadow
Light-fall on water

finding flowers in the fog   4 comments

October petals.jpg

At the edge of fog
Gray grief between dangling leaves
We hold each other