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Forest Spirit   2 comments

Cabin Lake at sundown

Locusts and pine jays
Their wings scrape the smoky air
Slowly, the red sun


Winter Web   6 comments

Soft sparkles of dew
pull silk tapestry from dark
cool oblivion

Spirit Journey   8 comments


Edge of two worlds
Feather-light glances before
Winging away

Future Memory   4 comments

Grace . . . full, flawed, frozen
at the seams thawing, melting
threaded thresholds

Greathearted   4 comments


With and for us
Our steady elders

Longer Nights   4 comments


Tiers of maple leaves
Their whisperedĀ endings
Breakable, golden

To Be a Leaf in October   8 comments

October Leaf

Lattice of life lines
Golden parchment edged with age
Ready for free fall