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Along the Alsea River   2 comments

in the shallow pool
wistful leaves drifting past
rain-dark alder boughs


To Be a Leaf in October   8 comments

October Leaf

Lattice of life lines
Golden parchment edged with age
Ready for free fall

I Look Up to See   4 comments


Bare old limbs
Clearing a path for
The growing moon

Cry of the Raven   3 comments


lost in loss
watching the high mountain lake
brighten and dim


Fringe Cups   2 comments

Beneath old stories
of time-worn firs, delicate
arcs of springtime

Spirit Journey   Leave a comment


Edge of two worlds
Feather-light glances before
Winging away

Final Flare   Leave a comment



Patches of blue, where
leaves still blaze before drifting
home to their roots



Impermanence   Leave a comment

Part of the beauty

of all winged things is knowing

soon they will fly

Dogwood bracts and blooms


another new year   4 comments



Like moon drops
lighting the way, centuries
of ancestors



Bridging the Marshlands   8 comments




My slatted path bends left, leans right, falls true, goes wrong, gets tossed by gales and feathers and hugs —  a crazy, crooked, imperfect line, like aimless ivy with nodding leaves, its moving target?  Emphatically me.