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Wild Solace   5 comments


To soothe our sorrows
Patience of twilight, and
Kindness of trees



Shaking the Heat   6 comments

Like upside-down
Light flowing cool

Alpine Wildflowers   3 comments

Your transience,
like sudden summer thunder
A trail of echoes

Alpine flowers at Upper Hoffer Lake, Blue Mountains, Oregon




unlost   2 comments

Cloud-sent light, curving
trail, emerald depths — and


Dream Me   3 comments


Woodpecker Loop, Finley Wildlife Refuge

Woodpecker Loop, Finley Wildlife Refuge


Looking over the overlook

Walking the boards of the old boardwalk

Casting cares under the overcast

And letting the day dream me


Blue and Silver   4 comments

A flowering
of clouds from sky to sand
and back again


Scene of suns / the New Year   2 comments

Hearing the heartbeats

of unwritten stories

Sun-filled sand and sky