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Blue and Silver   1 comment

A flowering
of clouds from sky to sand
and back again



Scene of suns / the New Year   2 comments

Hearing the heartbeats

of unwritten stories

Sun-filled sand and sky

Equinox/Middle Ground   11 comments

This edge, this balance
between night and day
etched in light


wild rabbit on road's edge

wild rabbit at road’s edge in western Oregon

Gold Horizon   4 comments

wild grass at sunset

Wild shadows racing
to meet the night

All these solitary moments   3 comments


early March rainbow


Just so,
single notes
bending to one



Uplift   3 comments

Subtle headlands

Wash of morning mist
Hills and seaweed, now cloud banks
and calligraphy

Seaweed Calligraphy


Gold   4 comments

evening, Finley Wildlife Refuge

lighting up
fields at my feet