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at sun-drop   4 comments

Marys Peak at sundrop

a spangle of birds
light in the branches, a glow
of mist in the hills


Fullness of Twilight   7 comments

clouds and crickets
all the sorrow all the joy

held in autumn dusk

Things of the World   5 comments

sting of the black flies
rise of an old volcano
achingly blue

Brushstroke / Sunset in the Forest   9 comments

A solo tree
struck by the brush of
a single sunbeam


Cry of the Raven   3 comments


lost in loss
watching the high mountain lake
brighten and dim


Breathing   4 comments


rising and falling

slow-flowing waves of Earth, and

golden way of Sun

above the old rock quarry   2 comments


Mist and Trees

knee-deep in mist
the hard downpour

Forest Dawn   2 comments

Forest dawn


The color of clouds
is changing . . . the forest
fills with morning

Meet Me on the Green   Leave a comment

Fitton Green


Generous drape of

clouds, ample reach of a tree

where the iris blooms


Wild iris

Spring in the Willamette Valley   6 comments


Around the mountain
Spring light pours down
White, green, and blue