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Moments Before Sunset   2 comments



A trail bends
in the evening breeze and
autumn shrubs go bright


Silver Falls & Golden Leaves   9 comments

Middle Falls in October.jpg

still falling
like feathers


To Hold the Sun   11 comments


Final flower
Petals wrapped tight to hold
The sun


fledged in darkness and rain   4 comments


Flame of life.jpg

on fallen hearts
autumn wings


Summer’s End   4 comments

tang of untamed
apples, and waves of
cricket song

Jackson Frazier Wetlands, Corvallis, OR

Jackson Frazier Wetlands, Corvallis, OR




Below the Waterfall   2 comments

Green sprays of cedar
Drawing into September
Their river stories


Where Mystery Lives   Leave a comment

Dark in the light
of a lake
Shadow mountains