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yellow streamers
breaking through the colossal
debris of winter


Contemplating the Comet   4 comments


Version 2


From rising darkness
faintly earthward
a feather of light


Our Hike to Pigeon Butte   6 comments

From all directions
crickets and geese drop songs on
the two-track path


In the blue   4 comments

Single ginkgo leaf
Between storms
A flash
of gold

Silver-bells & Birdsongs   2 comments

Silver bells on the sidewalk

There were birdsongs hiding
There were seeds snowing
There were ants climbing
There were blossoms opening
There were poems drifting
There were memories growing
And we were there


Carefree   4 comments

Stripe-shadowed shore pines
White breakers, unending sky
Pungent sap and salt


Gleneden Beach

spring break   4 comments

gull, sky, and bluff
Sea-bluff and seagull
Between uplift and down-flow
Slicing the moment

Soon   Leave a comment

Version 2

Longing of petals
And from their glazed tips, dreams of
A waiting world

Sunday Morning   6 comments

Cherry Blossoms

Soccer practice, no

one watching but cherry trees,

their arms filled with stars


February Limbo

Version 2

Dormant limbs

The patience of a fence

Plunging into spring

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