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To Be a Leaf in October   8 comments

October Leaf

Lattice of life lines
Golden parchment edged with age
Ready for free fall

In the Pocket Garden   6 comments

Azalea in May.jpg

Never still
Young wind leafing through
Purple petals

Remember   4 comments



Each moment
A perfect snowflake

Enchantment   2 comments

Under heavy clouds
Snowfall spins its magic
In the melting night

Spirit Journey   Leave a comment


Edge of two worlds
Feather-light glances before
Winging away

Final Flare   Leave a comment



Patches of blue, where
leaves still blaze before drifting
home to their roots



Otherworldly   2 comments

Little cranefly.jpg

Daylit and trembling
Autumn air and wings

Loss   4 comments

red fog
of burning memories
this heartbreaking sky

Shadows on Rushing River   2 comments

Searing sun, rushing
water . . . the cool stillness of
alder leaf shadows

Holding Fast   2 comments


Even the smallest
pathways can carry us to