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If you lose a feather   Leave a comment

In these bright/dark moments
Still, you can
Open your wings


cooper's hawk feather


Be of the sky
Be of the earth
Go fierce, go soft

Shepherd and Flock   4 comments




Plucky shepherd tends

flock of emerald aphids

An ark in the wind

Summer Lace   1 comment

Queen Anne's Lace, backdrop of blue sky.jpg
Sunshine and stone spilling
from roots to sky

Soft Landings   4 comments

Swallotail on ash leaves.jpg

This is the season —
Vast spaces
still unimagined

Full Moment   2 comments

Moon reflection 2

Water bugs skating

on steady face of the moon

floating and rising

Foamflower   2 comments




Floating like crystals
with airy wings, forest foam
on emerald sea


Gold Horizon   2 comments

wild grass at sunset

Wild shadows racing
to meet the night