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Alpine Artist   4 comments


Quickly, red brushstrokes
Hummingbirds and sun rising
Grateful, gray-boned trees


Paintbrush, Hellroaring trail

Scarlet Paintbrush on the Hell Roaring Lake trail, Idaho

Peace of Mind in SE Oregon   4 comments

Fence, Burns OR

Road weary, I rest
my eyes 
on unfenced sky

Go with your heart   Leave a comment


Last night’s thunderstorm
A trail of stars
On bending grass

In the Old Courtyard   Leave a comment

 Leaves in April

A moss-covered tree
weaves her nest: layered whispers,
leaves, and feathered hope 

Patching Winter’s Wounds   12 comments

Woodland violets
and fawn lilies whispering
bright prayers

Winter Mist   8 comments

Forest fog

The lightness of fog

Lighter still, we climb

The sun and I

Irrepressible   6 comments

Fern in the foggy forest

In the half-light

of winter, this clamor of

jubilant green