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Destiny   5 comments



Hundreds of thousands
already past spring green
bowing to gold



Winter Web   6 comments

Soft sparkles of dew
pull silk tapestry from dark
cool oblivion

Winter Solace   2 comments


 Rooted strong and deep
Leaning into boundless sky
Glad for winter light


Stars on Silk   8 comments


Delicate net
Holds the void . . . like our lives
A galaxy

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Gratitudes   1 comment


Gratitude for the silver-rust of rise and fall
Gratitude for the trials of time when space unfolds
Gratitude for holding on and letting go

Whirr, Flutter, and Buzz   Leave a comment

Low green canopy
Height of yellow-hot summer
A winged lullaby

Marshall Lake's outlet creek, Sawtooth National Recreation Area

Marshall Lake’s outlet creek, Sawtooth NRA


Alpine Artist   4 comments


Quickly, red brushstrokes
Hummingbirds and sun rising
Grateful, gray-boned trees


Paintbrush, Hellroaring trail

Scarlet Paintbrush on the Hell Roaring Lake trail, Idaho