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Oaks and Flowers   6 comments

On the downslope of
summer, weathered oaks wading
through yellow light


Chip Ross Park, Oregon



Still / At Peace   8 comments



Near the fork
of two rambunctious rivers,
this piece of quiet


Lucky Peace   Leave a comment


On the shoulder of

a gravel-hot road, glad glade

of nodding blooms





Summer Wilderness   3 comments



Fog-drenched morning
Mountain blossoms
like little day-stars


River Light   2 comments



Last night’s moonlight
between boulders


Repairing the World   3 comments


Silk and spider.jpg


made of silk and sky, halo
after halo



Heart of the Universe   2 comments

From a higher world
Bright eyes in soft old limbs
Watching over me


April 2020   4 comments

Calypso orchids
Facing the same sun
A pair of orchids
Alone together


Patching Winter’s Wounds   2 comments



Woodland violets
and fawn lilies whispering
bright prayers


Trillium/Light in the Forest   6 comments

Each petal, awake
like the sun. Slicing shadows
into blinks of beauty.