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Summoned   6 comments


Invitation to
go inward without getting
lost . . . You step softly

Winter Creeps Away   5 comments

First forest trillium.jpg

Forest of sorrows
Old songs leak from toppled trees
Soft trill of blossoms

Winter Web   6 comments

Soft sparkles of dew
pull silk tapestry from dark
cool oblivion

Patiently   2 comments


Stretching the moment
Little raindrop before it
drops; Low clouds, no breeze

Longer Nights   4 comments


Tiers of maple leaves
Their whisperedĀ endings
Breakable, golden

Great Circle   2 comments

Mushrooms on forest floor

Bridging gaps between
lost and found, a scattering
of forest moons


Silver Falls and Golden Leaves   7 comments

Middle Falls in October.jpg

still falling
like feathers