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Wild Asters   6 comments

wild asters


Little rays of blue . . .
their September shadows long
for summer bees




Silver-bells & Birdsongs   2 comments

Silver bells on the sidewalk

There were birdsongs hiding
There were seeds snowing
There were ants climbing
There were blossoms opening
There were poems drifting
There were memories growing
And we were there


Drops and Blooms   6 comments


Japanese Maple in April


Blossoms of raindrops
after fresh rain of blossoms
maples in April


When I looked up   6 comments

Dogwood blooms, like stained glass.jpg
The day began, and
it began again. Petals
spilled from the boughs

finding flowers in the fog   4 comments

October petals.jpg

At the edge of fog
Gray grief between dangling leaves
We hold each other

On the Last Day of May   Leave a comment

Daisies and Oaks
Swallows weave the sky
Oaks and daisies praising each
Slanting drop of sun

Soothing my broken way   5 comments


Backlit petals

This shingled sunshine
Breaking my fall, and I break
Into a smile