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Harvesting Memories   5 comments


swallows circling
overhead, while sunflowers
watch over the farm

Atop Marys Peak   6 comments

tapping into the
distant past, eruptions
of glowing lilies


Purple and Green   2 comments

purple and green


a softer hillside
colors washing together
lupine and wild grass

Blue Columbines in May   11 comments


Columbine in May


Wild fountains of
light giving back to
the sun


In the Pocket Garden   6 comments

Azalea in May.jpg

Never still
Young wind leafing through
Purple petals

Fringe Cups   2 comments

Beneath old stories
of time-worn firs, delicate
arcs of springtime

At the Heart of Spring   4 comments


Bright spring sun, the old
tree holding soil holding these
tulips holding me

Sunday Morning   2 comments


cherry blossoms


Soccer practice, no
one watching but cherry trees,
their arms filled with stars



Wild Asters   Leave a comment

wild asters


Little rays of blue
Their September shadows long
for summer bees



Lucky Peace   Leave a comment


On the shoulder of

a gravel-hot road, glad glade

of nodding blooms