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When I looked up   6 comments

Dogwood blooms, like stained glass.jpg
The day began, and
it began again. Petals
spilled from the boughs

finding flowers in the fog   4 comments

October petals.jpg

At the edge of fog
Gray grief between dangling leaves
We hold each other

On the Last Day of May   Leave a comment

Daisies and Oaks
Swallows weave the sky
Oaks and daisies praising each
Slanting drop of sun

Soothing my broken way   5 comments


Backlit petals

This shingled sunshine
Breaking my fall, and I break
Into a smile

In the Pocket Garden   4 comments

Azalea in May.jpg

Never still
Young wind leafing through
Purple petals

Fringe Cups   4 comments

fringe cups


Beneath old stories
of time-worn firs, delicate
arcs of springtime

Dogwood Days   3 comments

DSCN6159 - Version 2

Flowering now like
pink butterflies, bent branches
cracking the sky


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