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Queen Anne’s Lace, October Sky   1 comment

Unbroken lace of
 last summer, cooling sky
pouring through

at sun-drop   4 comments

Marys Peak at sundrop

a spangle of birds
light in the branches, a glow
of mist in the hills


Fullness of Twilight   7 comments

clouds and crickets
all the sorrow all the joy

held in autumn dusk

Oregon Dusk   4 comments


old neighborhood oak
purple winter sky dreaming
of a new day

Lone Hawk/October Dusk   10 comments

Under the wide sky
a hawk perches, gathering
night into her wings

Gold   7 comments

evening, Finley Wildlife Refuge

lighting up
fields at my feet

Sensing Change   4 comments


Slow tide: wild grasses
going gold and dusky pulse
of cricket songs



Holding the Moon   2 comments

In falling darkness,
the rising



Our Hike to Pigeon Butte   6 comments

From all directions
crickets and geese drop songs on
the two-track path


In the gold of evening   8 comments


guiding the night across
droplets of gold