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Zen Garden   2 comments

While sun is still low
Stately stones become pupils
Eclipsing the sage



Scratching the Surface   2 comments

There is a miracle here: that human minds and hearts continue to meet in remote rocky ravines, reaching one another across the grand span of thousands of years. Solid legacy.

Death Valley petroglyphs.jpg

Prayer corridor
Rivers of rock stitch the land
Ancient outpourings

Ivory Tower   Leave a comment

Ivory tower

Here on campus

Reflecting on young spring flocks

Adrift in the field

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Higher Learning   Leave a comment

Sighted at eye-level, OSU campus
Willamette Valley, Oregon
Bark Art
Curling Bark 2

I walk to the tree planted by people

For its shade and its flourish near old walls of learning

Where hurries and worries bypass its message:

     Offer your moment, your heart-work of beauty

     Give and live freely, see and be fully. 


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Lessons at My Feet   2 comments

Death Valley Dunes, 2012

Dropped by tides of sky after eons on the mountainside,

Collective spheres of wholeness, perfect pieces of the Greater Sweep telling us why we are here.

Every silver-gold bit of sand, every dune, cloud and whispered heartbeat

A note of finest Melody

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Weaving with Light   Leave a comment


Cloud-light gleaming like 

stars and planets when the world’s

a willow basket

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Elemental   Leave a comment

Geology Lesson for the Soul


                                                                              Rock, locked in crystalled silence,

                                                                              Ironic leanings—discernible, changeable

                                                                              Repeated brushes with chummy unknown

                                                                              Planetary renewal


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