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Passers-by   4 comments




Two paths ascending
Leaving wakes in sea of sand
A chance resonance


Scratching the Surface   2 comments

There is a miracle here: that human minds and hearts continue to meet in remote rocky ravines, reaching one another across the grand span of thousands of years. Solid legacy.

Death Valley petroglyphs.jpg

Prayer corridor
Rivers of rock stitch the land
Ancient outpourings

A Mountain, Unfinished   2 comments

Inspired by the barren beauty of Death Valley, where past and future ancestors convene

A Mountain, Unfinished

Bare, downbeat gullies scribble haphazard stories dabbled rough in gold and gray
Your pedigreed bedrock rusting, crumbling under pressure-wash of mundane wind and rain
Tilted off your axis, your labored lifetimes slip, their angles too steep
Jumbled debris slides to your feet jarring memories so faint, held tight, of warm and shallow seas
And now intrusions! From dark-broken depths
Melt long edges of your grand mantled heart ready to gleam their crystalled beams
But not till you bring them to light.
One more aching uplift . . .
        Unhiding the past, you inch up to the sky

Gusts of Magic   Leave a comment

The hills below

Shadows roam the hills

Flock of clouds winging through sky

Whims of the wind

Abstract Sky

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Lessons at My Feet   2 comments

Death Valley Dunes, 2012

Dropped by tides of sky after eons on the mountainside,

Collective spheres of wholeness, perfect pieces of the Greater Sweep telling us why we are here.

Every silver-gold bit of sand, every dune, cloud and whispered heartbeat

A note of finest Melody

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Death Valley Crucible   Leave a comment


Another heated

exchange, leaving seeds of salt

to bloom between storms



Devil’s Golf Course, Death Valley National Park, California



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Desert Refrain   2 comments


Habits of the wind

Standing waves, stair-step duet

Sandy swoop and drop

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