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Illuminated   2 comments

Illuminated web

Empty twigs

Hanging in darkness, little

Ghosts of lace

Joyous Journey   2 comments


Last night’s moonlight

rushing down to catch herself

 in the sea


winter creek in western Oreogn


another new year   4 comments



Like moon drops
lighting the way, centuries
of ancestors



The Kindness of Ferns   2 comments

Sword Fern in late fall

Their sheltering wings

curved at the feet of

bare-headed trees

Leaving November   4 comments



Bare twigs
A moment of release
in hand


In the blue   4 comments

Single ginkgo leaf
Between storms
A flash
of gold

A Brighter Heaven   1 comment

Where leaves once glowed red
Now blue, bright light — like a tide
of untroubled sea