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Lady Bug Dazzles Her Fans   5 comments

 In Celebration of Earth Day: Revisiting our Favorite Celebrity!

Lady Bugga’s surprise appearance at the local Forest Floor Deli created an unprecedented flurry of wingbeats yesterday afternoon.  Our favorite diva, her baby bump all but gone, was uncharacteristically abuzz about the “marvel of motherhood” and her new cluster of l4 “gorgeous and picture-perfect” eggs, which she laid only five days ago in the nearby arboretum.  “It’s where both my mother and my grandmother were hatched.  We love the verdant atmosphere there . . . it’s our family’s most uplifting tradition.” After dabbing at her glistening eyes and swallowing her last bite of marinated aphid-mite salad, she added, “I have no idea where I’ll be emotionally when my babies hatch, but right now I feel fabulous!”

Image And indeed, this self-made diva truly shines.  Known for her quiet elegance and beguiling voice, Lady Bugga first came to prominence when she was named one of the 50 Most Lovely Larvae in 2014, just three weeks prior to her stellar metamorphosis as a singer-songwriter. Since then, Lady-B, award-winning contralto and ardent activist, has re-defined high fashion with her snug necklines, fringed footwear and polka-dot embellishments, showing women of all ages how to avoid fickle fads around waistlines and up-do’s while simultaneously glowing with the simplicity of natural glamour.

When we asked Ms. Bugga how she lost the baby-weight so quickly, she admitted with a humble antenna twitch that she’d mainly battled the discomforts of water retention.  But to our delight, she smiled and poked out a slender ankle for our cameras, admitting that “low-salt, low-fat aphids and daily stem-climbing workouts” have resolved the problem. True to form, she offered up a rhetorical question: “Is it genetic heritage, deep-rooted diligence, or the fresh breeze of good luck that decides our destiny? I will never know. But I do know that it’s my fans who nourish my spirit—and I’ll be forever grateful to them.”


Lady Bugga goes glam on the yellow carpet

Then with a whir, Lady Bugga winged her way west to the arboretum, eager to consult with her husband about baby names and nursery furnishings.  We, along with her fans, now patiently await her upcoming appearance on Celebrity Channel’s “Force of Nature”, scheduled to air early next week. Until then,

Be Fearless and Fly!*

*Slogan for Lady Bugga’s Coming of Age nonprofit for late-molting larvae of all invertebrates, for all time.

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Just About Perfect   4 comments

Cloud of Crocuses

First to break free from

Clutches of winter, cloud of

Snow-white crocuses

Sun on Crocus

Eager bright blossoms

Neatly balance the sun on

Newly hatched petals

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Living in the Moment   2 comments

Silver Creek

Young and rambunctious

Without fear of the unknown

Spectacular splash!

South Falls

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Snow Queens and Robins   Leave a comment

Snow Queen along trail 2

Time-trickster, how it loops from winter to spring and back again

Pungent labyrinth erupting with snow-queen purples and fresh mossy greens

Ambiguous anguish losing its chilly hold when sudden, ready robins

Shout their unbridled praise of our ever longer, nearly spring days—

Season of restless joy, just around the bend.

Snow Queen 2

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Birthday Presence   3 comments

LL Stub Stewart State Park, Oregon, 10 am on my birthday!

On my birthday! LL Stub Stewart State Park

Even in slumber

Cold mountain pond its keeper

Shimmering tree top

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Solstice Glow   Leave a comment

Firelight 2

From sun through leaves to

heartwood, hearth and heart; ancient

chain of gratitude

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Bon Voyage   1 comment

Looking West

Surprise party at

the Courthouse: Fond farewell to

Glorious summer!

Looking up

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