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Wearing Cool Sunlight   13 comments

Lavender surf
holding council
with long waves of sky


Radiant   4 comments


Dry October hills
Bright vines of poison oak
Climbing like fire

September Window   8 comments

sunset refelection in windows
Sunset gleams, a flare
of swifts overhead spinning
like a galaxy

Autumn Ornaments   6 comments

Beneath spired trees
Icicles join fallen leaves
Drop by silver drop



In the Heart of November   6 comments

Golden Ginkgo

ablaze in the blue
fanned by winds from distant home
golden Ginkgo

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Take a Moment   9 comments


Reflecting beauty


To realize
The beauty
You leave behind


When I looked up   6 comments

Dogwood blooms, like stained glass.jpg
The day began, and
it began again. Petals
spilled from the boughs