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Sensing Change   4 comments


Slow tide: wild grasses
going gold and dusky pulse
of cricket songs



silent message/ little snake   6 comments

finding warmth
in this paradise of leaves
a mystic knot


in the groove   4 comments

free-style fir needle
points the way, in groove
with clean drops of dew




Wall and Pillow   2 comments




pulse of ringing bells
new moment, bone-hard burdens
cushioned by feathers

Take a Moment   9 comments


Reflecting beauty


To realize
The beauty
You leave behind


To Listen   5 comments

white moth on a green leaf

To hear the shape of
The wind


Backlit moth



samara-wings/ joy   2 comments

Sounds of skittering
feet follow me down the street
Seeds chased by the wind


Moment-passing   7 comments

Oak leaves celebrating in blue sky.jpg

Deadlines planting me . . .
Dead paths. What am I missing?
And do they miss me?

A Certain Generosity   3 comments

Life perched on death
Soft soul on polished silver
Singing their hearts out


Gray jay, silver limb, blue sky

Gray jay, silver limb and blue sky



Spider Wisdom   6 comments

Spider web on roadside

At the center
of all paths,