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Sensing Change   2 comments


Slow tide: wild grasses
going gold and dusky pulse
of cricket songs



Shadows on Rushing River   2 comments

Searing sun, rushing
water . . . the cool stillness of
alder leaf shadows

Winter Welcome   2 comments

Syllables of light
lining bare limbs, floating
on winter’s surface

Shore Acres State Park, Oregon



Merging with the River   6 comments

You are your silence
Dancing beneath the surface
This quest for your heart


September Window   8 comments

sunset refelection in windows
Sunset gleams, a flare
of swifts overhead spinning
like a galaxy

Visionary   7 comments


Ink swirls and ovals
Slow-flowing river painting
Portraits of old trees



Around the Campfire   8 comments

campfire sparks

Heartwood and song

return to stardust, warming

the dark-cold night

Introspection   Leave a comment

Breath of cloudy air
Bends reflections — willowy
Unbroken motion


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Fishhook Creek   Leave a comment


sequined by sun sparks,
rushing pine-scent memory
calls the kokanee

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