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Essence of Summer   6 comments


Ladybug and Lavender


sunup to sundown

in the old lavender field

ladybugs and bees



Born of Mountain Clay   Leave a comment


Three Grandfathers

Eighty years of dust
And tears, old friends reaping their
Garden of stories

Wild Meadow Before Sunset   2 comments

A gathering of
wide embraces, holding
what light they can


Whole Above   4 comments


June, after noon
Thrush songs, leaf songs, dove calls
A petal falls


unlost   2 comments

Cloud-sent light, curving
trail, emerald depths — and


Clouds, Broken Open   Leave a comment



Shower of petals
Like heaps of red and white urns
Lightly, their light


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Layers of Life   4 comments

Like a star
in the hand, a present
from the future