Charmed Harmony   7 comments

Lunar dawn —
Shallow bright crescent
Filled deep with night


7 responses to “Charmed Harmony

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  1. Beautiful 🥀😎

  2. i’m left
    filled 🙂

  3. Wasn’t that a beautiful alignment of Moon and planets? I am curious, I think you are located near Oregon…is that where you took the photograph? I am posting a photograph ( that shows how much the Moon’s position changed relative to Venus during the few hours between our dawn in Ohio and yours out there…a subtle indication of the dance of the planets and Moon. 🙂

    • Yes, it was a stunning way to wake up here in Oregon. I took my photo soon after 7 AM. Thanks for pointing out how the celestial dance changed between OH and OR! ~Jill

      • I took mine a little before 7 AM so that would make them about three hours apart…the moon would have moved along its orbit about three of its diameters during that time which looks about right! I think these gatherings, especially in the morning sky, really allow one to visualize the dynamics of the solar system. Your photo added an extra dimension to what I normally see! Thank you…

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