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Time Keepers   4 comments


Raising their trunks, a toast to the centuries
Flowing photons, rounds of rain, mist, warblers and chattering chickarees
Raspy-skinned with hearts of enormity
They raise their trunks
Toasting the centuries

Otherworldly   2 comments

Little cranefly.jpg

Daylit and trembling
Autumn air and wings

finding flowers in the fog   4 comments

October petals.jpg

At the edge of fog
Gray grief between dangling leaves
We hold each other

Moment-passing   7 comments

Oak leaves celebrating in blue sky.jpg

Deadlines planting me . . .
Dead paths. What am I missing?
And do they miss me?

Morning Thunder   1 comment

Tiny Mushrooms.jpg

Flecks of predawn
In rain soaked moss

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To Be a Leaf in October   8 comments

October Leaf

Lattice of life lines
Golden parchment edged with age
Ready for free fall

fledged in darkness and rain   3 comments

Flame of life.jpg

on fallen hearts
autumn wings

Sphere of Influence   3 comments


Mounds of jade ribbon
beached on wet sand . . . tidings from
unlit phantom moon