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Mountain Lake   12 comments

cool, rocky shallows

minnows flash like shooting stars

slipping between stones


           Pettit Lake, Sawtooth National Recreation Area

A Certain Generosity   3 comments

Life perched on death
Soft soul on polished silver
Singing their hearts out


Gray jay, silver limb, blue sky

Gray jay, silver limb and blue sky



Golden Glance   12 comments

Where the river bends
The sun breaking like
A shower of coins

Salmon River at sunset.jpg

Salmon River at sundown

Gathering of the Elders   3 comments

IMG_5025 copy


Flinty old-timers arrange themselves into
Fringed frame of pungent needles, then
Swapping their usual rock-strewn stories
Their old sloped shoulders and crooked peaks slide
Haltingly from view


Deep Heights (Let Go the Mountain)   7 comments

Fishhook Meadow.jpg

Fill and deepen,
deepen and reflect; reflect,
transcend . . . set free

Upward   4 comments

wild blooms 2.jpg

they climb the sky
eager wild blooms drinking
endless blue

Whirr, Flutter, and Buzz   Leave a comment

Low green canopy
Height of yellow-hot summer
A winged lullaby

Marshall Lake's outlet creek, Sawtooth National Recreation Area

Marshall Lake’s outlet creek, Sawtooth NRA


to lean into each moment   8 comments

July's Smoke-filled valley

Hot sepia wind
Peaks vanish, phantom birds cry
Raw-throated prayers

June view of the Sawtooths

Two photos of Stanley, Idaho–same vantage point, 7 weeks apart