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Guests of all magnitudes know they’re welcome in this unshuttered home–

dust motes and moon-rays, snakes, bats, and midnight moths.

Seasoned scents of river grass and smoke never need knock on the unhinged door

before drifting among dry summer nests hidden in walls, crumpled on floors.

Crackling sun, ponderous snow and wild torrents of wind bring this old place,

year after year, closer to original grace, to center of our rocky jewel,

merged and at one with this lovely World.

8 responses to “Open House

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  1. !! — One of the top 10 poems I have read on WordPress and one of the top 100 poems I have EVER read…and my degree is in English Lit.

    Just a thoroughly enchanting example of he “perfect poem.”

    Respect and Admiration,


  2. Wonderful poem.

  3. I read this poem and I am there, taking in this experiences with all senses, feeling this beautiful old cabin and its surroundings so keenly. And, also, feeling the history that the cabin has experienced… its timelessness and its gradual sinking into Mother Earth as a reclaiming of its roots. So, so beautiful, Jill. Tears came to my eyes when I read and experienced your eloquent and heartfelt words… thank you! This made my morning sing!

  4. Lovely words and photo!

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