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prairie smoke/sandhill cranes   Leave a comment

She listens, spinning
seeds, spinning Earth, eerie cry
ripples the sky

Prairie Smoke

Prairie Smoke (Geum triflorum)

The Core of June   4 comments

Sleeved in snow

paired ravens velvet antlers churning rivers
shawled mountains sage slopes brighter heaven
puzzle pine-bark  pulse of pollen, all awakened

Headlong into Summer   2 comments

Rushing, Fishhook Creek

Below the mountain
Summer song of river rock
Leaps free

Rays of Gold   4 comments

Mules ears, Fisher Creek, ID

Evening songs while
Sun and flowers exchange gold

Where my heart spills   12 comments


In the high meadow
we meet . . . granite face, quaking
leaves, late spring heart-melt


Fishook Trail, Sawtooths of Idaho

Fishhook Creek, Sawtooth National Recreation Area

Morning Glory   10 comments

Stanley Basin, Idaho

Stanley Basin, Idaho

In her wake
Last night’s fog: dewdrop gems and
Crowning haloes

Peace of Mind in SE Oregon   4 comments

Fence, Burns OR

Road weary, I rest
my eyes 
on unfenced sky