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On the Last Day of May   Leave a comment

Daisies and Oaks
Swallows weave the sky
Oaks and daisies praising each
Slanting drop of sun

Shallows and Depths   11 comments

Version 2

Shadow or mirror?
Inky swords and lances pierce
Floating day-bright clouds

Soothing my broken way   5 comments


Backlit petals

This shingled sunshine
Breaking my fall, and I break
Into a smile

Go with your heart   Leave a comment


Last night’s thunderstorm
A trail of stars
On bending grass

In the Pocket Garden   4 comments

Azalea in May.jpg

Never still
Young wind leafing through
Purple petals

Where heart meets soul   4 comments


Section 36 trail

My orbit along a bending path, erratic beats of tapping beaks, spring-fed
songs of unseen birds and cloud-sent light on silver webs, wide-armed
stars under uncoiled ferns on a curving trail through a wakened patch
on our newly bloomed and beautiful earth.