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spring break   4 comments

gull, sky, and bluff
Sea-bluff and seagull
Between uplift and down-flow
Slicing the moment

High-tide Heartbeat   4 comments

Pacific Ocean in March

Silver-rimmed thunder
Ocean’s heartbeats touch the clouds
Aching for the moon

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Version 2

Longing of petals
And from their glazed tips, dreams of
A waiting world

Wildflowers   4 comments

Nuttal's Toothwort in March

Days and days of rain
Tender blooms bearing the weight
Of watery crowns

Sunday Morning   6 comments

Cherry Blossoms

Soccer practice, no

one watching but cherry trees,

their arms filled with stars


Sunset/ Blossoms   4 comments


Final golden flame
Crowd of cherry blossoms
Still unfolding

First Trillium   6 comments

Disheveled shoulders
Of a swollen forest stream
First translucent wings


Forest's first trillium

Where Sky Meets Marsh   9 comments

Evening reverie

From unseen frogs, a thousand