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Plunkett Creek   5 comments

Plunkett Creek

white clouds of water


glossy black stones

When Day Becomes Night   4 comments

Version 2

Winter branches

and rooftops trying to

halt the heavens

Moonrise in Corvallis

(10 minutes between photos: westward/eastward)

Strands of Light   5 comments

January spider web

Storm after storm

the plucky spider rebuilds

hammock and home

Irrepressible   6 comments

Fern in the foggy forest

In the half-light

of winter, this clamor of

jubilant green

Rain Palette   6 comments

Rain drops on Cronemller Lake

Dusk drops into

night-dark lake, liquid bloom of

new moons

Gifts from Above   3 comments

Sun sparks in marsh grass

Falling from the sky

Rain, ice, a shower of stars

Hour by hour