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Silhouettes and Songs   14 comments

Red-winged blackbird 2


of the redwings, flocks of song

filling the spaces

Flock of redwings 2

First Day of Winter   5 comments

DSCN8523 (1)

River of light

free-falling to meet

the longest night

Forest Radiance   12 comments


Just like us,
globes of mist catching the sun
and passing it on

Beacon   7 comments

The season darkens

From a single angel wing,

Ripples of light

Mushroom Light

Toward Another Shore   4 comments

Heron in late autumn

Wingbeats slow and deep

beyond the crush of voices

repeating themselves

The Kindness of Ferns   Leave a comment

Sword Fern in late fall

Their sheltering wings

curved at the feet of

bare-headed trees

Inhabiting the Season   3 comments

First Ice 2

Cold sun

setting marsh-ice on fire

needles glowing