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Time-weaver   2 comments

Spider, Finley Refuge


 Poised lightly between seasons

She waits

Playing with the Elements   7 comments

Version 2

Someone’s busy hands

Stone on stone in still water

Stacks and pools of light

at the center of stillness   4 comments

Trees in the Cascades

Ritual of trees

Steep, dusty trail to nowhere

Watching over me

Summertime Rivertime   Leave a comment



Waiting, weighted, grey-bleached boulders rooted deep in

Evening river—slowly lowering, wild-cold lingering—

August-yellow sunlight slanting, minnows spinning, dippers diving

Sky-ignited, spark-enlivened, hidden hunting ospreys crying

Trees reflecting jade leaves dropping, amber hints of hemlock drifting

Mountain-scented currents pouring, pools and riffles churn and swirling

Forever rolling, coasting, rushing

Utterly on and on


Breathing   3 comments


Rising and falling

Slow-flowing waves of Earth, and

golden way of Sun

River Stones   4 comments

river rocks in the Santiam

medley of stones

in the lap of river-time

finding harmony

Wild Shore   9 comments

Evening in the Sawtooths

Longing to be a piece of the wild

What you find is peace in belonging

Breaking the Heat   2 comments

Fluttering shower

of five-fingered leaves, handing

out breaths of cool green