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Rose Petals and Moon Beams   Leave a comment

Nootka rose 2

Slow bright fullness

Circle, arc, silver, dark

Spring moon and wild rose

Soft Afternoon, Mary’s Peak   Leave a comment


Landmark marked out, yet

the tanager knows she’s home

an ocean-sent breeze

Meet Me on the Green   Leave a comment

Fitton Green

Generous drape of

clouds, ample reach of a tree

where the iris blooms

Wild iris

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What do the waving ferns say?   Leave a comment

Fern edges

                                                                     They whisper, they coax.

                                                                     A cloud moves, and the shadow goes deep.

                                                                     When you bend on knee at their appeal,

                                                                     They pull

                                                                     You under dizzying spell.

                                                                     Pulse of in-and-out edges

                                                                     Reminds you to breathe.

Noon-time Radiance   2 comments

Calla Lily 2

Noon sun pouring down

Regal calla lily, cloaked

in luminous white

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The Colors of Compassion   Leave a comment

Peacock feather

Eye of the stars

Weaving bits of broken light

A fallen feather

Impermanence   4 comments

Part of the beauty

of all winged things is knowing

soon they will fly

Dogwood bracts and blooms